4/14/19 - Things I Wish Jesus Never Said

-How do you reconcile Jesus saying not everyone that says Lord is in?

-Read Matthew 7:13-14 | What emotions does the call of only a ‘few’ evoke? Are we happy we are a part of an elite club or are the rules too strict to get in? How does God make it too hard to follow?

-Read Mark 9:38-41 | What does this say about strange theology? Are Mormons, JW’s or other Christian cults not against Jesus? Where is that line in light of this passage?

-In 1 John we are called to ‘test the Spirit.’ How do you do this?

-Who are you praying for this Easter that needs to hear the Good News?

4/7/19 - Things I Wish Jesus Never Said

-Share any memories you have about the verses of one taken and one left or hour unknown.

-Steve shared his concerns with Bible Prophecy preaching. How would you push back at those concerns? What are some positives about it? Do you struggle with anything part of it?

-Read Matthew 24:42-44 | Jesus calls us to be ready, but also to wait. How would you explain ‘being ready’ to a new Christian? What makes waiting so hard, on any level?

-Read Acts 1:7-8 | Explain the word witness. What does it mean to you (to be one or to bear witness or to witness to someone)?

-Jesus calls them to go to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. Do you think every person has a role in each of these? Why or why not? What do these represent in your life since we don’t live in the Middle East?

3/31/19 - Things I Wish Jesus Never Said

-When you hear the word peace what comes to mind? When you hear that a person has a peace position what does that mean?

-Read Ephesians 6:10-18 | Is Paul just talking about spiritual battles or are these for daily life as well? What are these items in common language?

-John Howard Yoder argues that seeking to look like Jesus can be narrowed down to a single point: faithfulness, not effectiveness. What does that look like in the peace discussion?

-Think about doing things a new way. Now read Matthew 5:38-42 | What kind of creative things does God call us to do?

-What does it mean to truly believe that Jesus is Lord over all and not just the spiritual parts?

3/24/19 - Things I Wish Jesus Never Said

-What are some characteristics of a ‘hot’ or on-fire Christian?

-Read Luke 9:57-62 | What stands out in the text? What do you think Jesus is trying to do here? Is Jesus saying they are no longer Christians?

-What are some ways people show they are committed to something? How does that work in our Christian walk?

-How would you go about ministering to a ‘lukewarm’ Christian?

-What is one way this week you could tangibly live with more of an eternal mindset?

3/17/19 - Things I Wish Jesus Never Said

-Read Matthew 6:9-13 | What does this mean for us daily? Where does God want our focus?

-Steve mentioned that forgiveness is not unconditional from God. Do you agree or disagree and why? What needs to be done with forgiveness or to receive it?

-Read Matthew 18:21-22 | In your mind how many times is enough? When does forgiving become abusive versus redemptive?

-What are some hindrances you have to forgiving someone? Or road blocks to offering it?

-Share a story of forgiving someone and what happened.

3/10/19 - Things I Wish Jesus Never Said

-How do you define Blasphemy? How do you remember this verse growing up?

-Which of the stations was most beneficial? What are the pros and cons of these experiences or stations?

-Read Matthew 12:29 | Is Satan tied up, restrained, weakened? Explain or back your answer up either way.

-How do we as Christians only accept parts of God’s kingdom? How do we today justify not fully following God’s call or commands?

-Lent challenge: Is there something you gave up or plan to give up to prepare your heart for Easter?