8/18/19 - Sacred Selfie

-Consider how you present yourself to others through media and in person. What is your motivation to look a certain way? Who or what has influence on your appearance (your attire, personality, how you speak and act, etc.)? What message does it send about you? Does it honor God?

-We all fall into the self-righteous trap of thinking we are better than certain others. Who are you tempted to look down upon? List 3 positive traits or strengths that they have that you do not. Pray a genuine blessing for them today. Example: “Lord, help ____ to have a good day. Bless them with ____ and show them your love and grace. Help me to love them like you love them.”

-Read Matthew 5:13-16 | God is calling you to be the “salt of the earth,” flavoring and preserving what is good. What area can you bring “flavor” to in the name of Jesus? What is something good that you can help preserve for God’s kingdom? God also calls you to be the light of the world, reflecting God’s light that is in you. Where will you let your light shine a little brighter?

8/11/19 - Sacred Selfie

-How do you allow other people to determine your goals and priorities?

-Who do you compare yourself to most? Why? What are the good and bad things coming out of that comparison?

-Read 2 Corinthians 10:12-18 | How can we know we are being who God called us to be?

-Steve said that comparing leads to loneliness. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

-Challenge: Take a selfie using filters or editing or photoshop. Give us the most polished picture or do something creative, both are acceptable. Tag them with #gracepointontario.

8/4/19 - Sacred Selfie

-What is the balance between self-love and being self-absorbed?

-Read Romans 13:8-10 | Why do you think Paul says that all the law is found in this command? What does proper self-love have to do with honoring God?

-What are some other ways to seek validation from others?

-Read Genesis 1:26-28 | What keeps us from seeing the self-image of God in others?

-Challenge: Take one selfie this week that you are really proud of.

7/28/19 - Flicker of Faith: Instant Family

-What was the last 'sign' you remember getting?

-Read Exodus 3:10-11; 4:1;10-13 | What have you talked yourself out of doing, whether it was scary or new? What lies did you tell yourself?

-Read Galatians 4:1-7 | What are the 'full rights?' What were we slaves to before we were adopted? Expand.

-What is something God has placed on your heart? How are you moving forward? What is the next step? Is it prayer, planning, doing...?

-Make a list of all the obstacles to a new challenge, then on the other side write out what would happen if you overcame them.

7/21/19 - Flicker of Faith: Crazy Rich Asians

-What are the areas where you feel the most judgement from others? Where is there truth and where are the lies?

-Read Proverbs 18:6-8 | Why does gossip go to our inmost parts? Who should you avoid in your circle because of their mouth?

-We talk about the importance of first impressions. How can we resist judging? Who needs a second impression that you know?

-Read Romans 3:21-24 | How do you explain that we are not enough, but God has redeemed us anyway?

7/14/19 - Flicker of Faith: Green Book

-Why do we think some people are more valuable than others?

-Read Isaiah 43:18-19 | Some claim the ‘new thing’ is God changing His views on sin. What are some ways we justify sin? Why do we do this?

-How can we keep our dignity and not be doormats?

-Read Mark 10:35-44 | How would you define a healthy servant attitude? Write down a few ways you could serve others this week. Choose different areas of your life: work, home, friends, church, etc…