6/9/19 - Words: Faith

-Briefly (2 minutes or less) share how you came to your faith in Jesus Christ. How has it grown since that time? What has been most effective? Where have you gotten hung up?

-There is a difference between faith in Jesus and faith in outcomes (complete healing in this life, desires satisfied, etc.). How much faith and energy do we invest in the latter? How can we know what to pray for when God’s will is not clear?

-Read Hebrews 11 | Does anyone surprise you on the list and why? Who is missing (Old & New Testament & people today) that you would add?

-In what areas can you become more faithful to strengthen your faith (e.g. time reading Scripture, prayer, worship, fellowship with believers, giving, serving, actions, etc.)? Pick just one to focus on this week.

6/2/19 - Words: Hallelujah

-What kinds of things are Hallelujah worthy?

-Why do you think some churches are more free with the word than others? How are they praising the Lord?

-Read Through Psalm 103 | Which things stand out when David says "Praise the Lord"?

-What is it that enables us to say Hallelujah, anyways?

-How can you add more gratitude toward God into your life this week?

5/26/19 - Lip Service

-When you hear the phrase 'social justice' what comes to mind?

-How do our politics and our faith get in the way of us doing the right thing?

-Read Ephesians 5:11 (ESV version) | How do you think we can expose them?

-What are some practical ways we can speak up for the marginalized? Or how can we shut down negative speech against them?

5/19/19 - Lip Service

-What are some ways quiet orneriness effects our relationships?

-What do you think of Steve's definition of passive-aggressive behavior and creative lying?

-Read John 12:42-43 | What are we willing to do to be liked? How does the need to have others like us affect our relationships with God?

-If conflict resolution through passive-aggressive behavior is wrong and loud/bullish behavior is wrong, what are some better ways to address conflict?

5/12/19 - Lip Service

-What did/does your mother know best? What did she not communicate the best?

-Read Proverbs 1:1-9 | What do you think it means to 'despise wisdom and instruction'?

-Why do we resist feedback or constructive criticism so much? What are we missing out on?

-What are some pros and cons of an echo chamber (or being around or listening to only like minded people)?

-What is the best way that someone has given you feedback and you actually listened?