10/13/19 - Expanding Grace

-How can you tell if a person is committed to something?

-What are some things Christians should be committed to?

-Read Habakkuk 3:17-18 and Job 1:21 | How difficult is it to continue to trust God when things are not going well? Share a time when you said to God “Even If” things don’t go this way, I will follow.

-How have you committed your future to Jesus? Which is harder to do – put your financial future in the hands of Jesus or endure the criticism that may come with it? Why?

-Read Ruth 1:16-18 | What is it about Ruth that stands out?

10/6/19 - Expanding Grace

-When you hear the word sacrifice, what do you think of?

-Read Luke 21:1-4 | What stands out in this story? What do you think of her giving everything? What does this act say about her relationship with God?

-What are the most important things in your life? How would someone know that?

-Read Romans 12:1-2 | What does a ‘living sacrifice’ mean? What are we giving up to follow Jesus?

-Share a time you gave something up for someone else and it hurt to give it.

9/29/19 - Transfers and Transitions

-Make sure to take time and hear testimony from Women’s retreat this week.

-What is your favorite thing to prepare for and what do you do?

-Read 1 Peter 1:13-16 | What is Peter calling them to be prepared for and how should they do it?

-In Luke 3, John the Baptist calls the people to get prepared through repentance, not living out of their ‘specialness’ and holy living. How do these things prepare us for ministry and life?

-Paul calls us to put on armor that God gives for battle. What does spiritual warfare look like to you? When was the last time you experienced it and what was it?

9/22/19 - Transfers and Transitions

-What are some practical ways you make sure you finish what you start?

-Read Numbers 14:21-24 | How can we look more like Caleb? What does "wholeheartedly" mean to you?

-How can we stay teachable? What are you doing now (or want to do in the future) to keep learning?

-When was the last time you finished a section of life well? What made it successful?

-Read 2 Timothy 4:6-8 | Which word or phrase stands out to you and why?

9/15/19 - Transfer and Transitions

-Share a best and worst thing that happens to you while we are waiting.

-Steve mentioned that waiting involves trusting God. How do we trust God and remain active in our own lives?

-Read Psalm 40:1-4 | How are God’s hearing and our patience connected? What times are hardest to wait?

-In 1 Corintians 11:17, not waiting was a sign of selfishness. How is our impatience connected to pride?

-Share an area right now where you are waiting on an answer from the Lord. Spend time in prayer over these things.