Get Connected

Getting involved is such an important part of being connected to a church. At GracePoint there are lots of ways for you and your family to get plugged in. One of our key aims is to see people move forward in their walk with Jesus. We see that happening in many ways here. One is by us caring for you and your loved ones through one of our many midweek care groups. Another is by joining in with us and serving the community of GracePoint, the Community around us, and the world. God has given people so many wonderful gifts that can be used to bless our world.  We encourage you to discover your gifts and use them.  For more information on getting connected at GracePoint, view the events calendar Here or email us at

Get Connected with Prayer

If you would like us to pray for something in your life send an email to and we would be glad to bring it to God in prayer!


Each ministry at GracePoint fits into our purpose of Moving Forward Together. Each Ministry moves us closer to Jesus and cares for the needs of others. This happens in a lot of ways. Coffee on Sunday morning can be key to starting a much needed conversation. A warm greeting or getting together with a few ladies can help remind someone that they are not alone. God uses all kinds of ministries to show His love. Our goal at GracePoint is for those ministries to never become more important than our relationship with God, but use them to make it stronger.