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A Faith-Filled Giving Campaign for GracePoint Church

Time to
Take our
Next step
with Jesus.

We have been going now for fourteen years and I have never been more excited or challenged about what I believe God is up to. I truly believe God has opened up an amazing door for us and the possibilities are endless.

As we approach this next season, GracePoint is a community that continues to make a difference in the lives of those around us and in our city. However, in terms of location, we have always been at a disadvantage. Our lack of presence throughout the week and lack of permanence has been a deterrence for many to come and connect with Jesus.

"Expanding Grace" is about our willingness to be challenged to let God do something amazing through us and those things will not just be for us, but for generations to come. The impact of Grace Point will be extended from 1 hour on Sunday and 1 hour during the week, to so much more.

The hope of this world is Jesus. There is no greater investment you can make than investing in God's kingdom and His church. Seeing lives changed and impacted by the Good News is worth every penny and amount of time we give.

I love you GracePoint family and friends and it is my great honor to serve this amazing community of believers. May God's grace and peace be on you as He guides and directs you in this opportunity to "Expand Grace".

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Steve



Here are some ideas to think about, every little bit helps:  

  • Have a yard sale once a year:

    • $200 x 3 yr commitment = $600

  • Increase your weekly giving:

    • $5 a week  x 52 = $260 x 3 yr commitment = $780

  • Cut back on Starbucks or another habit:

    • $10 a month X 12 = $120 x 3 yr commitment= $360

  • Drink water when you dine out or dine out less:

    • $30 a month x 12 = $360 x 3 yr yr commitment = $1,080

  • Cut back on your cable or unused membership:

    • $30 a month x 12 = $360 x 3 yr yr commitment = $1,080

This capital campaign is more than just raising money. Part of our prayer for the “Expanding Grace” campaign is that our entire church would develop an even deeper relationship with Jesus.

We encourage you to utilize our Expanding Grace Giving Guide and Devotional to determine your giving commitment.

Your commitment in prayer and giving will make it possible for us to move into all that God has for us in the years to come.

Your commitment and gifts are always kept in complete confidence. A financial commitment to GracePoint Church is not a legally binding contract. We ask that you give us an estimate so that we can plan accordingly in the building project.

If your financial situation changes, you may increase or decrease your giving level at any time. Contact our office to discuss these changes or other giving-related concerns at: 909.983.1530 or

For your convenience this sample Giving Guide has been included to help you accurately estimate your total gift over the 3-year period.

Weekly Monthly Quartely Annually 3 Year Total
$500 $2,150 $6,500 $26,000 $78,000
$200 $860 $2,600 $10,400 $31,200
$100 $430 $1,300 $5,200 $15,600
$75 $322 $975 $3,120 $11,700
$50 $217 $650 $2,600 $7,800
$30 $130 $390 $1,560 $4,680
$20 $87 $260 $1,040 $3,120
$10 $42 $130 $520 $1,560
$5 $22 $65 $260 $780

To make a commitment to the Expanding Grace Campaign, please complete this online form or the commitment card.

If you prefer to fill out the card, bring it with you to Commitment Sunday on November 3rd, or mail it to
GracePoint, P.O Box 3608, Ontario, CA 91761 by November 1st, 2019


Name *
Address *
Phone *
Commitment for 156 weeks
Commitment for 36 months
Commitment for 12 quarters
Commitment for 3 years
Having carefully considered my commitment using the Giving Guide, I (We) want to invest in the EXPANDING GRACE CAMPAIGN. *


Expanding Grace Campaign PDF’s to view and to download (opens in new window).

Why is GracePoint seeking a home? find information here.

Use this card to help you calculate your commitment.


You are invited to a building campaign reception for GracePoint Church! Come hear about what the future holds for our church.
Food and child care will be provided.


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